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Preservation & Sustainability

The opportunity to build something new or to preserve something old can be a highly rewarding experience.  There is always a precarious balance to be mastered between economy, durability, flexibility and beauty.  This is the challenge of architecture and design.  This is the essence of Preservation & Sustainability, two sides of the same gold coin.  The most elegant solution embodies the creation of this balance.  


Ultimately the exuberance of a young designer gives way to the solid judgment of experience and maturity.  In the four decades of my professional experience I have learned more from mentors, colleagues, builders, craftsmen and clients than I ever could have imagined.  I anticipate many more years and many more experiences as I continue to share my knowledge as I engage in architecture and design consulting for new projects and clients.  I look forward to the next rewarding opportunity.




09   /   26   /   2016

Compass Self-Storage in Shaker Heights was given a  special category Adaptive Reuse Preservation award by the Shaker Heights Landmark Commision. To see all awards go to


11   /   21   /   2016


09/   24   /   2016

The Cleveland Heights Master Plan Steering Plan Committee is working with the City of Cleveland Heights Planning Department and the Cleveland Planning Commission to develop a Master Plan and Action Strategy to preserve and improve neighborhoods, both residential and commercial.  A final plan is anticipated to be completed in the summer of 2017

The beautiful new KSU College of Architecture and Environmental Design building has opened this fall for students.  Go to:

To see the stunning architecture by Weiss-Manfredi Architects.

Private Residence
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

The family wanted to remodel their existing garage into a new family room and add a new semi-detached garage with an enclosed walkway connection.  The home was originally built in 1918 and sits in the distinguished and historic neighborhood of the Tremaine-Gallagher House near Fairmount Boulevard.  The remodeling and addition needed to compliment the richly detailed home and also embraced a beautifully landscaped exterior court.  Last year we returned to the home to completely remodel the master bathroom/dressing room suite.  Again, traditional detailing and the highest quality materials were selected.

PNC SmartHome at CMNH
Cleveland, Ohio

During the summer and fall of 2011, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History presented an exhibit regarding the important topic of “Climate Change”.  In association with that exhibit they commissioned the design and construction of a Passive House certified by the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS).  The house was to be one of the first certified houses in the northern cold climate of the US. The temporary educational display served as a real life model with a highly insulated building envelope, stringent construction detail requirements to greatly reduce thermal bridging and air leaks, high performance triple-pane windows and advanced energy-efficient HVAC equipment. After the summer exhibit the house was transported to a permanent site about a mile away and sold to private owners. The house fits comfortably with the historic character of the neighborhood.

Private Residence

This is a very unique house.  The Kious family owned a home with a double lot in the Cedar-Fairmount District of Cleveland Heights.  Once their children had “left the nest” they decided to explore the possibilities of building a smaller home on their adjacent lot and sell the larger home they occupied.  Always committed to environmental preservation, they asked if we could provide a design that would meet their standards and still fit into the character of pre-WWII architecture in their neighborhood.  We came across the innovative building method using straw bales as wall insulation and covering it inside and out with natural air-permeable earth clay plaster.  We were fortunate to find a builder who was experienced in building these structures in the western US.  Our collaboration resulted in this highly energy-efficient natural home.  It has to be seen to be fully appreciated

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